Joining the 50 Plus Party

They say that life begins at thirty, but at that age you’re still worrying about careers, children and all of that other boring stuff.

You’re only really starting to break free from these responsibilities in your late 40’s, so the party definitely starts at 50.

There are many celebrities embracing the golden years such as Helen Mirren and Michael Douglas so it seems odd that some of us feel turning fifty is anything but exciting.

If you’ve reached 50 and feel like you could do with a little guidance as to what to do with the next few decades, maybe you should consider speaking to a life coach.

Life Coaching may sound like a fad followed by American celebrities but it is proving very effective in helping people find direction in their lives.

Some people may struggle to cope in their fifties because of the changes it can bring, children leaving home or having their own children, maybe retirement has entered the picture amongst other things.

Life Coaching can help you deal with any such issues you may face, as well as helping you work out what you want in the next stage of your life.

A Life Coach will help you to achieve your potential and really make the most of your life.

They can help most areas of life from relationships and stress, to helping you manage your money for that trip of a lifetime you’ve always planned.

By discussing your values, beliefs and aims a Life Coach can help you reach your goals by helping you find the right way to get there.

Your Life Coach can keep you motivated and keep you on track, much like a sports coach.

If you are thinking of visiting a Life Coach it is important to know that are no legal requirements needed to be a Life Coach in the UK.

So it is important to check that a Life Coach has had formal training and qualifications and holds insurance to cover them. This makes it quite complicated to find a professional Life Coach.

Life Coach Directory is a network of fully insured and qualified UK Life Coaches. The site offers lots of information on Life Coaching along with a search facility so you can find a Life Coach near you.

This is a free and confidential service which is easy to use. So make sure you enjoy the fifty plus party with help from a Life Coach.

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