Online Dating Tips for Over 50s

Life expectancy is much longer than it once was and these days people are active well into their 60s and 70s. The number of people looking for friendship, companionship and love after 50 is growing. However, over 50 dating can be daunting to some, especially if you have just come out of a long term relationship.

The options available to you for meeting new people have changed and over 50 dating online is now commonplace. If you are looking for a date then over 50s dating sites, such as, can help you. However, before signing up for a dating site it’s worth taking into consideration some over 50s online dating tips.

Getting the Basics in Place

If you are over 50 then it may be that you have not used the Internet before. You’ll need a valid email account before registering. You will also need to be able to upload photographs and publish information about yourself onto the site.

If you don’t use the Internet regularly it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with how it all works. If you’re completely new to using a computer then take a look at the BBC Webwise Computer Tutor, which teaches you the basics. If you need a bit more practice with the internet, read the news online every day to get used to it. There are also many courses available, but two other places to look for information might be your local college or library.

When you begin one of the hardest things to do is change your mindset. If you are older the chances are you have settled into a routine lifestyle and have become set in your ways. It is often difficult to make changes, but if you want to start dating you need to keep an open mind. Think of dating as a fresh start and an opportunity to meet new and interesting people with differing points of view.

Your Profile Matters

You will need to create a profile to post on the site and it’s essential to think carefully about this. It’s surprising how people can create the wrong impression of themselves without realising it. Your profile should sell your best characteristics and features and above all honesty is the best policy. Don’t give away too much about yourself, just enough to encourage people to contact you and find out more. Write out what you are going to publish on the site beforehand and then read it over to ensure it makes sense.

Next, you need to create at least three profile photos. It is worth spending some time on these so they show you at your best. One of the pictures should be a head and shoulders shot in which your face is completely visible and don’t forget to smile. It’s a good idea to use other photographs that show you relaxed and enjoying yourself. This could for example be shots taken while on holiday.

Have Fun & Enjoy It!

Always remember that meeting people online is the same as meeting someone through any other medium. You may go out on what you think is a successful date, but the person you dated may not want to see you again or vice versa. Don’t be discouraged and be polite and courteous at all times. Take things slowly, don’t have too many expectations and finally, don’t forget the social aspect, remember to have fun.

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